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Alpha Realty’s trustee sale Service makes bidding on Arizona Foreclosed Properties, Simple, Safe, Convenient and Cost Effective. Whether you are in Arizona, out of state or even out of the country Alpha Realty’s full service trustee bidding can help you save tens of thousands of dollars by tapping into Arizona's distressed property inventory. We give you access to all of Arizonas trustee sale property auctions.

Is your bidder licensed?
Did you know that in Arizona it is a felony* to pay an unlicensed individual to purchase real estate or act as a broker without a license?
*ARS 32-2101.47 & 32-2155.B & 32-2165
Find out if your bidder is licensed here

Alpha Realty is a fully licensed brokerage with a focus on superior customer service and providing a smooth and LEGAL bidding experience.

Designated Broker: Philip Hallman
License # BR537861000

New to Trustee Sale Auction Bidding? Get started in just 3 easy steps!

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